We did it. After a lot of work we finally updated our website. We want to reflect more our work and also think more in the future. We want to expand our business and our services and we thought that the old website was really outdated and not showing what we really are and more important what we have to offer.

The previous website was almostĀ  five years old and didn’t reflect what our business is all about. It was created way before the business was launched, at the time was just a dream of some college students. Since the launch we didn’t update the content or add anything new.

The Internet has changed, we have changed. We now are going to be more active, we are going to increase the number of newsletters, add more free content in the blog, and the social networks with the final goal of helping more people. As a small company we think that the only way of reaching more business and helping more people is doing it this way.